Simplify web3 analytics

Real-time blockchain data is open by default – but it can be hard to transform, explore, and understand what is happening over time if you don’t have the right tools. and Rill make it easy to explore smart contracts

Rill Data, an open source business intelligence tool, is partnering with, a public and open blockchain dataset, built by Goldsky, to make it simpler than ever to analyze blockchain data on your local machine.  

One command bootstraps an end-to-end Rill project on your behalf:
         • Downloads up to 5GB of smart contract data from Hang tight, it takes a minute!
          • Starts a flexible dashboard for your contract that can be edited using SQL with Rill.

Data to Dashboard in 5 minutes

Rill’s advanced SQL data modeling, real-time database, and dashboarding tools make it easy for people to create and consume metrics on individual smart contracts within’s blockchain datasets.

This partnership is a valuable resource for blockchain analysts and app builders looking to understand the landscape of tools and make decisions without committing to paid vendors or steep learning curves.

Exploring NFT Exchanges

As data visualization tool builders we tend to be line-obsessed and have a deep appreciation for the complexity of painting on a digital canvas. When you are building a tool that plots big data inputs onto a laptop behind a URL it takes deep design thinking and knowledge of the way graphics work in browsers. This is not unlike the generative art space.  

Matt DesLauriersMeridian series explores "stratified landforms constructed from many small strokes of color. The hash of each token describes a coordinate within a multidimensional generative space, locating a unique composition that lies along one of many possible longitudes." Meridian is part of the Art Blocks Playground Heritage collection, and can be browsed on Opensea, Art Blocks, and others.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offer artists a way to create real scarcity in digital contexts. NFTs can be used to represent any form of content, whether it's art or intellectual property or a representation of a real-world asset.

One of the pieces from his collection can be seen here - but this isn't the collectable NFT. Each NFT sits on the Ethereum blockchain where the current owner is also recorded. Just like art at auction, only one entity can own the "original" (the token) at a time though there are probably many "prints" of the piece out there (the image presented on this page).

Dig into NFT Contracts with

Rill's new partnership with unlocks a new way to access and explore how Art Blocks tokens are being transferred between entities.

You can create a dashboard that keeps up with how Art Blocks is changing over time in only 5 minutes – How popular is this contract? Which tokens have the highest transfer volume? How many entities were senders or recipients? How many entities have ever held an Art Blocks token?

To build this dashboard, the Art Blocks smart contract (0xa7...D270`) and access keys are added to a curl script to download the right data for an interactive editable dashboard.

Rill represents dashboards as code. These project files are fully editable as YAML source configurations, SQL transformation models, and YAML dashboards configurations. When the application is active, a powerful analytics engine called duckDB unlocks an incredible data experience that is conversation fast and actually feels good to use.

Etherscan is a great resource to help decode what each contract means. The Art Blocks contract event_params represents a sender, a recipient, and a token. These are key data points that can be parsed and transformed into usable identifiers for more meaningful measures in the Art Blocks dashboard.‍

It is easy to go from a default dashboard for smart contracts to something that is really insightful for Art Blocks because the final mile of going from a remote source of data to an interactive dashboard is already composed for you and ready to be edited. You can create a transformation using a SQL editor with rich profiling feedback with every keystroke.

Once you enrich your data transformation, you can pull the new information into your dashboard using our metrics editor. Sender, recipient and token are the the most important pieces of information to help you make sense of your data.

The final product is an interactive dashboard that helps you explore trends in Art Block's transfers over time. Pull down our example repository and elaborate even more or create something new from a totally different contract. We would love it if you share what you learn and encounter on our Discord server!

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Our Partnership is built by Goldsky and supported by a broader community to make understanding and building in the blockchain space easier.