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Collecting data is easy – but it can be hard to transform, explore, and understand what is happening in real-time if you don’t have the right tools.

Rill makes it easy to explore data over time

Rill makes the journey from data to dashboard conversation-fast and instantly unlocks simple, flexible dashboards that your team will actually use.

curl -s | bash; rill init --example; rill start;

This command bootstraps an end-to-end Rill example project on your behalf:
         • Creates project files for every step from data to dashboard.
          • Rehydrates by downloading data, running a SQL model, and applying a dashboard config.
          • Starts a flexible dashboard for your data that can be edited using SQL with Rill.

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Data to dashboard in 5 minutes

You don't need to set up a complex stack of tools and platforms to start getting value out of your data.

Rill’s advanced SQL data modeling, real-time database, and dashboarding tools make it easy for people to create and consume metrics.

Why people love using Rill:

feels good to use – Sveltekit & DuckDB = conversation-fast, not wait-ten-seconds-for-result-set fast

works with your local and remote datasets – Parquet and CSV (s3, gcs, https, local)

no more data analysis "side-quests" – build intuition about your dataset through automatic profiling

no "run query" button required – responds to each keystroke by re-profiling the resulting dataset

radically simple dashboards – thoughtful, opinionated defaults help you quickly derive insights

dashboards as code – each step from data to dashboard has git workflows

Exploring city 311 operations

311 Call Centers provide a place for United States citizens to connect to a wide variety of non-emergency City services. Open data initiatives across these cities have created increased transparency in the activities of city programs – however it is still difficult to explore the operational data that these cities are collecting because it is locked up in csv files on websites and the datasets can't be readily transformed across a wide range of city collection policies for comparison.

Rill helps you turn raw data into a flexible interactive dashboard in 5 minutes – it is simple to point to a remote data source, pull data into the application for automatic profiling, create a dashboard in the click of a button, and refine results with SQL as you have more questions.

Rill represents dashboards as code. These project files are fully editable as YAML source configurations, SQL transformation models, and YAML dashboards configurations. When the application is active, a powerful analytics engine called duckDB unlocks an incredible data experience that is conversation fast and actually feels good to use.

It is easy to go from a raw datasets across many different cities to something that is aligned across cities through a SQL transformation. This transformation is composed using a SQL editor that provides rich profiling feedback with every keystroke.

Once you enrich and normalize your raw data, you can pull the new information into your dashboard using our metrics editor. Status, category and location are a few of the most important dimensions needed to understand volume of calls and time to response measures.

The final product is an interactive dashboard that helps you explore trends in 311 calls over time. Pull down our example repository for the bay area's 311 call centers and elaborate on our example or create something new from a totally different dataset. We would love it if you share what you learn and encounter on our Discord server!

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Rill is an open source business intelligence tool that makes it easy to create and consume real-time data by combining a SQL-based data modeler, real-time database, and metrics dashboard into a single product—a simple alternative to complex BI stacks.
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