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Triton Digital, the global technology and services provider to the digital audio and podcast industry, operates the world’s leading programmatic audio marketplace. The award-winning marketplace enables broadcasters, podcasters, and online music services to build their audience, maximize revenue, and streamline operations. Triton’s marketplace operates at massive scale with a digital audience from over 13,000 audio publishers, 400 million unique impressions and more than 10 billion auctions per month.

To meet the expansive demand for their audio SSP, Triton needed a system that could:

  • Efficiently scale to petabytes of data and millions of queries while achieving reasonable cost-performance targets
  • Allow for granular real-time reporting with ease-of-use to drive widespread adoption
  • Handle industry specific requirements and customizations to metrics, dashboarding and ad hoc analyses

“We are pleased to partner with Rill, as they play a critical role in providing comprehensive, insightful data and insights to users of our audio SSP”

Partner Value

Global adoption with zero training

Through Rill, Triton’s clients now have real-time, interactive, easy-to-use dashboards customized to their needs. Rill’s Explore dashboards help Triton and its clients:

  • Access real-time insights into programmatic data with comparison metrics, multi-dimensional analysis, interactive filtering, and proactive alerts
  • Analyze across as many dimensions as possible about each auction and listener in every exposure such as advertiser domain, device type, platform, and age/demographics
  • Understand how audio contributes to revenue allowing customers to narrow down effective pricing strategies and assess floor options

With Rill’s tailored approach, Triton’s Yield-Op dashboards have been successfully adopted by hundreds of customers with little to no training, maximizing the distribution of analytics. To date, more than 1000 users have been added to Rill across hundreds of partners. Beyond just adding more users, the depth of adoption is high: Triton is now executing over 25k daily queries across 150+ client dashboards and more than 120 daily customers logins - all while maintaining an average query time of less than 1 second. The ease-of-use for these dashboards also allows Triton to maintain a smaller support team and frees account managers to focus on value-add reporting for their clients.

“The dashboards provide our clients with a simple yet robust UI where they can mine data and conduct investigations that allow them to make more informed decisions for their programmatic audio strategy”

“Rill requires little to no training and is utilized by many of our audio SSP clients. The ability to provide a wide range of metrics and dimensions with an intuitive interface is appreciated, as it allows them to navigate their data with speed and ease.”

Business Value

Increasing programmatic revenue and deepening client relationships

Beyond client value, these dashboards provide a unique opportunity to build deeper partnerships with Triton customers and provide additional revenue for premium features. In other words, Rill dashboards have moved Yield-Op analytics from a cost center to a revenue opportunity.

In addition to campaign analytics use cases, Rill provides publishers and the Triton product team with quick ways to troubleshoot questions. The dashboards have reduced reliance on Triton support and allowed clients to double check ad delivery before logging support requests.

“Rill’s insights allow us to optimize inventory for clients, and to make more inventory valuable, which enables our clients to leverage competitive average CPMS to increase their revenue.”

“Our clients use Rill to not only measure results but identify interest opportunities for that type of listenership and adjust fairly easily. The bids view helps to identify bugs and issues quickly.”

Technology Value

Real-time architecture and cost reduction

As part of the migration to Rill, Triton also worked with our Solution Architecture team to optimize data ingestion with the goal of reducing cost and minimizing data lag (unlocking additional customer use cases for real-time analysis).

  • Triton’s data platform team reduced external processing costs and added more flexibility to pipeline logic and transformations
  • Data lag was reduced to 90 minutes, with further goals to make enhancements towards real-time

The complexity of the Triton pipeline is significant, handling multiple look-up windows for late arriving data and a variety of business logic enhancements required for enriching impression and auction data. Even with those challenges, the migration was completed in a couple weeks with consistent communication between the Triton and Rill teams.

Triton's Yield-Op Analytics Architecture

Triton Yield-Op Analytics Architecture

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