Kafka + Druid for Streaming Analytics

Build streaming applications easily and maintain them effortlessly

From event stream to dashboard in minutes

Now it’s trivial to build and maintain streaming analytics applications: clickstreams, log aggregation, application performance monitoring, etc.

Operational Intelligence & Analytical Applications

As the modern data stack matures, companies are finding inventive ways to surface streaming analytics directly to their partners and customers. These analytics applications deepen trust and usage for users, but “embedded analytics” solutions don’t scale.

Unlock the intelligence in your Kafka streams.

Rill Data enables the organizing of data for next-gen analytics applications, bringing everything in one single view and providing cost-effective sub-second query times for hundreds to thousands of users.

What data do your users need to succeed?

Easy in, easy out for end-to-end analytics

Rill’s cloud service ingests your Kafka streams with a quick, easy, and secure integration. Seamlessly connect your data in Rill to industry-standard business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Looker, Apache Superset, and custom applications.

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Why Rill?


Pay only for what you use

Automated compute and storage scaling

Fully managed

Serverless, no DevOps or maintenance

Automated upgrades and patches


Secure and governed data access

SAML and SSO encrypted authentication


Avoid single vendor lock-in

Integrate into your existing tools

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