The power of Apache Druid™

Experience the benefits of a high performance real-time database without the maintenance.

About Apache Druid

The Apache Druid database was originally created at Metamarkets (our CEO's previous company), and our team of engineers continue to operate the longest-running Druid cluster in the world. Apache Druid is extremely efficient on large time series datasets, enabling real-time analytics on use cases that were previously unmanageable.

Apache Druid has been adopted by dozens of Fortune 500 companies but has historically required significant engineering resources. Rill’s fully managed cloud offering removes the challenges of managing a Druid cluster and enables fast queries against your big data with no DevOps overhead.

Clickstream analytics

Fraud analytics and anomaly detection

Customer behavior analysis

Digital marketing

Application and network monitoring

Sensor and IoT analytics

Real-time analytics use cases

Fast decision-making on real-time data is an increasingly critical component of every company’s data strategy. Apache Druid was designed specifically for sub-second query access on terabyte datasets.

Apache Druid is commonly used for operational intelligence, making event stream data a reality.

Price-performance advantage

The more queries you perform, the better your price-performance will be.

If you are performing millions of queries a month, your cost will be a fraction of data warehouse solutions that charge per query.

Column-oriented, distributed architecture supports efficient access

In memory storage for fast queries

Data roll ups for efficient storage

Approximate query algorithms provide up to 10x speed increase

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