We are moved by metrics.

We see the challenges that data teams encounter delivering real-time metrics at scale, and dream of a simpler path.

By tackling obstacles across the stack—from real-time data transformation, to database architecture, and metrics exploration—we help data teams become great data teams.

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Backed by data pioneers

Rill is supported by capital and counsel from leading venture capital firms, as well as many of our own data heroes.

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Block Logo

Jim McKelvey

Founder of Block fka Square

Voltron Data Logo

Wes McKinney

Founder of Voltron Data

weights and biases logo

Lukas Biewald

Founder of Weights & Biases

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JJ Allaire

Founder of RStudio

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DJ Patil

Former US Chief Data Scientist

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Jeff Hammerbacher

Founder of Cloudera

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Hilary Mason

Founder of Fast Forward Labs

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Anthony Goldbloom

Founder of Kaggle

Carbon Health logo

Caesar Djavaherian

Founder of Carbon Health

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Felix Feng

UCSF Professor, Founder of Artera

Amplab logo

Mike Franklin

CS Professor and Founder of AMPLab

Prophet Logo

Sean Taylor

Creator of Prophet

twitter logo

Abdhur Chowdhury

Founder of Summize,
Twitter Chief Scientist

Primer AI logo

Sean Gourley

Founder of Primer AI

Workday logo

Pete Skomoroch & Sam Shah

Founders of Skipflag

Greenplum Database logo

Scott Yara

Founder of Greenplum

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Kaz Ohta & Hiro Yoshikawa

Founders of Treasure Data

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John Hughes & Brett Wilson

Founders of TubeMogul

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Amar Goel

Founder of Pubmatic

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Katrin Ribant

Founder of Dataroma

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Kevin Weil

Chief Product Officer at Planet Labs

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Florian Leibert & Toby Knaup

Founders of D2iQ fka Mesosphere

mopub logo

Jim Payne & Nafis Jamal

Founders of MoPub

Safegraph logo

Auren Hoffman

CEO of Safegraph

Factual logo

Gil Elbaz

CEO of Factual

Inspired by our colleagues

Rill team pic

Michael Driscoll

Co-Founder & CEO

Mike Driscoll photo
Nishant Bangarwa headshot

Nishant Bangarwa

Co-Founder & Head of Engineering

We share simple values:

Be open.

We believe authenticity, transparency, and open-mindedness are the first steps to creativity.

Founded by the original creators of Apache Druid™ we’re dedicated to open source software.

Work smart.

Working smart means being direct, focused, and moving fast in the right direction.

We leverage our colleagues' broad expertise and build process to capture our strengths and learn from our mistakes.

Have fun.

We're here because it's fun. Global collaboration, learning from everyone, and endless curiosity is our idea of a good time.

We care about our communities and meaningful work. We strive for a life well lived.

Want to build the simple path to real-time metrics? Join us