Optimal price-performance for analytics at scale

Best-in-class open-source timeseries OLAP database for analytics applications of any size

Build fast and scale smoothly

Rill's fully-managed service is the easiest way to take advantage of Apache Druid, with three tiers of service & support for developers at any stage.

Elastic scaling for optimal performance—only pay for what you use

Fully managed so it’s simple to operate with no DevOps burden

Secure enterprise data governance, SSO, & end-to-end encryption

Interoperable with leading BI tools—Tableau, Looker, & Superset

Dedicated support and premium SLAs for enterprise accounts



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Dedicated technical support

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Transparent usage-based billing means you only pay for what you need. Flexible pricing based on storage, compute, and network units start at the rates below:

Usage-based billing


Storage is the total compressed data in the cluster. It's available in two performance tiers, Hot and Cold, which set minimum compute requirements.

Data can also be offloaded to an archival tier where it does not consume any compute.

$0.0005 / GB per hour


Rill Compute Units (RCU) are a combination of CPU, memory, and disk used for ingesting and querying data.

RCU scale up elastically for data ingestion & processing with enterprise discounts on RCUs provisioned for querying.

$0.09 RCU per hour


There are no costs for ingress.

Egress tiers are:

1 TB
>1 TB

$80 / TB

Pricing FAQs

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