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Enterprise usage-based billing

Transparent usage-based billing means you only pay for what you need. Flexible pricing based on storage, compute, and network units start at the rates below:


Storage is the total compressed data in the cluster. It's available in two performance tiers, Hot and Cold, which set minimum compute requirements.

Data can also be offloaded to an archival tier where it does not consume any compute.

$0.0005 / GB per hour


Rill Compute Units (RCU) are a combination of CPU, memory, and disk used for ingesting and querying data.

RCU scale up elastically for data ingestion & processing with enterprise discounts on RCUs provisioned for querying.

$0.09 RCU per hour

Enterprise Pricing FAQs

What is a Rill Compute Unit?

A Rill Compute Unit (RCU) is a usage metering unit that tracks, by the minute, the amount of resources consumed by your Rill cloud service, including compute, memory, disk storage, batch or streaming data ingested.

1. For data ingestion & processing, RCU scale up elastically as you load and transform data into our service.

2. For querying, Rill offers enterprise customers a set of dedicated compute units sized to handle their concurrency requirements across all data sources. Provisioned query RCUs are upscaled or downscaled on a daily basis based on the usage of past week to maintain query performance targets.

Tasks that consume more resources will see more RCU usage compared to tasks that consume fewer resources. While there is no one-to-one mapping between the various resources your service consumes and an RCU, 1 RCU is comparable to the resources used by a task that runs for one hour on 1 vCPU with 4 GB RAM.

How is data size calculated in Rill?
  • When you load data into Rill's service, it is stored in compressed columnar format. Rill charges based on the amount of data stored in Rill's service, after compression, which is typically 3-8x.
  • For egress and ingress, actual data transferred over the network is measured.
What is the difference between Hot and Cold performance tiers? 

Rill provides two performance tiers:

  • Hot tier is ideal for interactive use-cases which require fast data access. Typically 1-5 sec query response times.
  • Cold tier is ideal for batch reporting use-case where 10-30 second response times are sufficient
What are the compute requirements for each performance tier?

For querying, Rill provisions a fixed number of RCUs for each performance tier based on the following factors:

  • Data Size. Rill will charge a minimum number of compute units per unit of hot storage and cold storage to maintain optimal performance
  • Queries. As the concurrency of data access or complexity of the queries increase Rill will automatically add more RCUs to maintain optimal performance.
  • Performance tier. Hot tier consumes more RCU/TB of stored data than cold tier. This provides a good cost vs performance tradeoff. Cost can be reduced by moving data to the cold tier.

Below are the minimum RCU charged for each performance tier:

Hot performance

8 RCU per 25 GB of data stored

Cold performance

8 RCU per 250 GB of data stored


No RCU consumed. Data is not queryable and can be loaded to either Hot or Cold tier anytime.

The number of RCUs for each performance tier will be added in increments depending on the overall provisioned RCUs.

Overall RCU count

Available increment

Up to 64 RCU


Up to 128 RCU

16 RCU

Up to 256 RCU

32 RCU

Over 256 RCU

64 RCU

Provisioned RCUs are upscaled or downscaled on a daily basis based on the usage of past week.

What are the compute requirements for data processing?

For data ingestion & processing, Rill elastically scales up compute slots when you load data into the service.

  • The number of RCUs consumed depends on the complexity of the ingestion pipeline.
  • A more complex ingestion involving joins will consume more RCUs as compared to a less complex pipeline.
How can I estimate my RCU usage?

The best way to get an accurate RCU estimate is to load some sample data into Rill service and track the RCU usage. For estimates on larger projects contact us for a pricing calculator that reflects the latest volume incentives and discounts.

How can I track my RCU usage?

RCU usage and utilization can be viewed in the Rill Control Center. Additionally, Administrators can configure to get Daily, Weekly, Monthly summary reports for RCU usage for visibility.

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