Operational Intelligence for
Programmatic Advertising

Instantly find, track, and share the metrics that are most important to you and your partners.

From the creator of Metamarkets

Metamarkets (acquired by Snap) helped the world's top programmatic marketplaces drive business performance with intuitive access to programmatic data in real-time. The former CEO and technology team of Metamarkets founded Rill Data to give every company access to that same underlying tech.

As an independent analytics solution provider, Rill gives programmatic companies and their partners a competitive edge—the ability to immediately see and share what’s happening across the network.

Marketplace visibility is as critical as ever. Rill dashboards accelerate the work of teams, increase partner trust, deepen engagement, and drive spend.

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Distributed insights at scale — Rill Data

Distribute insights
at scale

Built to support the most complex digital media marketplaces in the world—from native to Connected TV, Rill ensures you can optimize campaigns across channel, format, and platform.

Define the metrics that move your market—fill rates, eCPMs, etc.—and empower your partners with the data transparency they need. With up-to-the-minute analytics and intuitive dashboards it's easy to spot sudden changes, act appropriately, and reduce the risk of lost revenue, even on live ad campaigns.

With Rill, your internal teams and external partners will measure key metrics and take action in a whole new way.

Use cases

Discover new inventory

Find new opportunities, optimize bids, & take action with a live view of available inventory.

Maximize yield and fill

Reveal opportunities in bid behavior across apps, sites, formats, devices, and user attributes.

Improve campaign performance

Guide clients on yield optimization strategies in real-time to compete for inventory.

Optimize floors and blocks

Expose floor prices and know the opportunity cost of every transaction to win more bids.

Catch integration issues

Prevent revenue leakage by instantly troubleshooting integration issues and auction timeouts.


Technically, the best

Apache Druid was purpose-built for just this scenario: processing 100s of billions of programmatic events daily.

As a fully-managed Druid-as-a-service offering, Rill built ingestion, processing, and in-memory storage engines specifically for high-dimensionality advertising data. Our scalable cloud infrastructure lets you visualize billions of daily events with sub-second query speeds—without the headache of maintenance.

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