Intuitive metrics dashboards
for programmatic advertising

Instantly find, track, and share the metrics that are most important to you and your partners.

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From the creators of Metamarkets

The former CEO and technology team of Metamarkets (acquired by Snap) founded Rill Data to give every company access to that same underlying tech.

Rill gives programmatic companies and their partners a competitive edge—the ability to immediately see and share what’s happening across the network.

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The most intuitive dashboard you'll ever 💙

Minimalist design keeps metrics at the center of the story, minimizing training and maximizing utility for every user.

“Rill requires little to no training and is utilized by many of our audio SSP clients. The ability to provide a wide range of metrics and dimensions with an intuitive interface is appreciated, as it allows them to navigate their data with speed and ease.”

Self-serve analytics are hard. They don't have to be.

Streaming ingestion

Our real-time data ingestion processes billions of events per second.

In-memory storage

Our in-memory data store queries 10s of billions of records in under a second.

Intuitive visualization

Explore all your metrics and dimensions at the speed of conversation.

Rill manages real-time analytics across adtech

Demand Side Platforms


Manage all campaigns across multiple supply sources.

View inventory and audience availability to avoid missing key opportunities and to optimize spend.


Instantly view top-line revenue, volume, eCPM, and other key metrics without pulling complex reports.

Switch seamlessly between a unified view across the platform, across your accounts or down to individual clients.


See both direct and indirect channels across your digital assets.

Quickly slice and dice inventory to find trends and discover revenue opportunities.

Supply Side Platforms

Instant price discovery

Boost incremental revenue by evaluating ad placement performance and floor prices.

Maximize revenue across segments

Optimize ad inventory quality across business units, digital formats / mediums, and placements.

Optimize floor strategies

Identify buyer trends by quickly slicing / dicing inventory across demographics, channels, and geographies.

Programmatic Exchanges

Boost revenue for publishers

Discover incremental revenue streams by optimizing bid floor prices with real-time views: top-line revenue, volume, eCPM, etc.

Drive marketplace liquidity

Easily and securely provide buyers and sellers with live performance reports and avails.

Increase speed-to-market

Plug revenue leaks and onboard partners more quickly by diagnosing bid errors in real-time.

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Account teams win with real-time data

Vungle uses Rill to empower dozens of sales teams across the globe with real-time analytics. Account managers execute thousands of analyses daily that deepen partnerships and drive greater revenue per account—with limited training required.

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