Wrangling infrastructure costs shouldn’t be so difficult

High-volume businesses need real-time tooling to monitor & reduce cloud spend, map customer revenue to costs, and optimize gross margins.

Install example
$ git clone https://github.com/rilldata/rill-examples.git
$ cd rill-examples/rill-cost-monitoring
$ rill start

Companies at all stages use Rill.

Why Rill

Why efficient SaaS companies use Rill

Straightforward SKU level analysis

 Discover over/under utilized resources and shift resource allocations based on actual usage. Select the right instance types, storage configurations, and scaling options to match the specific needs of your applications.

More flexible alerting

Customize alert thresholds based on specific contexts - any metric, any dimension - to improve the relevance of alerts

Integrate infra analytics into financial planning

Rill’s Excel-like pivot table dashboards are familiar to Finance teams making infra analysis accessible to operations analysts. Make more informed decisions on usage trends and instance reservations.

 For more details on Rill differentiators, check out our product overview with comparisons against traditional monitoring and BI tools.
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For DevOps

Set service/SKU level alerts for any unexpected growth in spend. Intuitive dashboards and easy navigation contribute to quicker issue identification and resolution.

For Customer Success

Alert on customer usage and margin patterns - to inform pricing/renewal discussions and enhance customer experience. Provide recommendations to your customers to maximize product value.

For Finance

Merge revenue and cloud cost today for real-time SKU and customer level margin analysis. Enhance operating efficiency by identifying outliers. Schedule exports for simple, pivot-table reports.

“At Rill, we've increased our own gross margins by 20% in less than 6 months. With some limited data engineering work, we can drill into specific customers and trends across clouds and service line items.”

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