Make dashboards fast again ⚡

Are you frustrated by the lack of accessibility and performance of interactive analytics tools on operational data? Do you need real-time, ad hoc analysis on frequently changing, large-scale data? Operational dashboards are only as fast as the engine under the hood, and unfortunately, most database services were never designed to support interactive analytics applications.

Operational data stores fill a missing gap in modern data architectures by improving performance of applications while lowering costs. The engine at the core of Rill, Apache Druid™, was originally developed by our team to drive dashboards with sub-second response times. Our platform makes it painless to deliver this performance to any reporting BI tool that speaks SQL. Lower your data warehousing compute costs and gain faster performance for dashboards.

Connect to cloud data, wherever it is

Easily connect to your existing data sources and BI tools. Rill’s cloud connectors make it easy to sync data from cloud warehouses, data lakes, and streaming services, without writing code or wrestling with security credentials. Intuitively manage the footprint of your data with retention and modeling rules.

No dev-ops required 🙅

Get up and running in minutes without needing a team of engineers to launch. Rill’s fully managed service allows developers, data scientists, and analysts to shift focus away from configuring servers and systems towards creating data models and dashboards that best serve their business. Rill’s Kubernetes-powered autoscaling keeps your operational analytics applications running at high performance under any load.

Collaborate with confidence

Share key operational metrics and live dashboards with colleagues, decision makers, and external partners using their email addresses, and let Rill’s single sign-on security take care of the rest. Entire organizations can be given instant access to a shared workspace with a single click, and role-based access controls enable quick permission edits on any resource.

Power mission-critical applications

Always-on businesses, whether e-commerce sites like Target, digital marketing platforms like Snap, or service marketplaces like AirBnB, make mission-critical decisions with real-time data. Rill’s cloud service addresses these same operational analytics use cases with fast time-to-value.

User analysis
Analyze and optimize user journeys by measuring user engagement and. understanding usage patterns. Detect and investigate fraud.
Application monitoring
Track and alert on drops in quality of service metrics. Effectively monitor app crashes and quickly identify root causes to maintain a positive experience.
Geospatial analytics
Ingest sensor data in real-time and pre-aggregate into a geospatial grid. Optimize routes, identify issues, and detect anomalies at near-instant speed.
Digital marketing
Track campaign performance to optimize your outreach. Refine your digital marketing strategy and approach based on click-through and conversion rates.