Radically simple metrics for the Enterprise

Rill provides an end-to-end metrics solution—a simple alternative to complex BI stacks.

Easy in

Rill pulls in your data from wherever it lives—Apache Kafka™, BigQuery, S3? No problem. Integration is quick, easy, and secure. Pipeline services are available as well.

Easy up

Rill’s serverless and fully-managed cloud service brings you the power of Apache Druid in just a few clicks.

Easy out

Seamlessly connect your data to industry standard business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Looker, and Apache Superset™ or jump right into Rill's metrics explorer.

Why Rill?


Our customers often cut their data warehouse bills in half while getting 10-20x performance lifts.

Interactive at any scale

Even best-in-class cloud data warehouses can't keep up with Rill's speed at scale.


SOC2 validated security with governed data access, and SAML / SSO encrypted authentication.

Streaming native

Built to work best on event stream data, there's no faster path from Kafka to KPIs.

Data Pipeline Services

Rill has deep experience architecting and operating real-time and batch pipelines spanning both streaming technologies—such as Apache Kafka, Beam, and Flink—and data lake tools—such as Athena, Apache Spark, Hive, and Trino.

Apache Druid Services

If you’re looking to migrate an existing Druid deployment to a fully-managed service, Rill’s team of Apache Druid experts can help. Recently named Cloudera’s Preferred Partner for Apache Druid, we’ve scaled and operated the world’s largest deployments of Druid for over a decade.

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