Radically simple metrics dashboards

Rill makes it easy to create and consume metrics by combining a SQL-based data modeler, real-time database, and metrics dashboard into a single product—a simple alternative to complex BI stacks.

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Thousands of users rely on Rill every day, across companies like

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dashboards users will actually use

Amaze your users with dashboards they’ll actually use

Users want fast, flexible dashboards that don’t frustrate them. Rill’s metrics dashboards all share a common layout so your users can quickly filter, compare, and sort their way to the answers they need.

Instead of designing dashboards, you can focus on designing metrics.

Metrics Explorer

Effortlessly transform your data into metrics with SQL

Metrics are the language of business, but transforming data into metrics can be a slog. Rill’s data modeler is a power tool for designing metrics using SQL—see the impact of modeling choices on cardinality, nullity, and row count with every keystroke.

Simply customize your metrics model in SQL, and your metrics dashboard is available to share with users. No extra configurations or layers are needed.

Rill Developer

Fast at every step, at any scale

Fast dashboards build trust and curiosity. Our fully-managed platform lets you focus on shaping data, not tuning databases and queries.

Rill delivers sub-second interactivity because it’s backed by DuckDB—the latest in-process SQL OLAP database, and Apache Druid for our enterprise grade cloud services.

The result is a magical user experience that cloud data warehouses and other BI tools cannot match.


Rill Developer is an open source tool that makes it effortless to transform your datasets with SQL and create powerful, opinionated dashboards—currently in tech preview, try it out and ask questions in our Discord community.


When you’re ready to build and share metrics dashboards at scale, Rill Enterprise is ready for you.

We've fine-tuned Apache Druid-as-a-Service, and complemented it with the metrics exploration app forged at Metamarkets.