Operational intelligence for data at scale

Introducing the first truly elastic, fully managed cloud service for Apache Druid™.

Elastic scaling for optimal performance, only pay for what you use

Fully managed so it’s simple to operate with no DevOps burden

Secure with enterprise data governance, SSO, end-to-end encryption

Interoperable with leading BI tools such as Tableau, Looker, Superset

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Easy in, easy up, easy out.

Rill makes your analytics stack blazingly simple: from Kafka streams to Tableau dashboards, or Snowflake to Looker.

Streaming AnalyticsProgrammatic Advertising
Rill Data Architecture

Engage your partners with insights

Getting real-time data to internal and external partners for ad hoc analysis drives trust and consumption of your applications. Explore is a turnkey interactive analytics solution.

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Accelerate your analytics applications

Leading companies trust Apache Druid to power their mission-critical use cases.

Clickstream analytics

Fraud analytics and anomaly detection

Customer behavior analysis

Digital marketing

Application and network monitoring

Sensor and IoT analytics

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