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Build fast operational dashboards that your team will actually use.

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Unlike most BI tools, Rill comes with its own embedded in-memory database. Data and compute are co-located, and queries return in milliseconds. So you can pivot, slice, and drill-down into your data instantly.

design metrics

Design metrics, not pie charts

Keep your focus on metrics, and Rill automatically creates visualizations.

marketecture diagram

Last-mile ETL using SQL

Join, transform, and aggregate data from dozens of data sources.

cloud cost illustration

Cut your cloud warehouse bill

Most BI tools come with a hidden cost, Rill’s architecture is different.

illustration of a terminal with rill deploy command

Embrace BI-as-code

Develop locally and deploy globally with all the benefits of Git workflows.

What our users are saying

Operational and exploratory BI

I'm super impressed at [Rill's] capabilities for fast interactive exploratory analytics...Traditional BI tools generally aren't fast enough for this type of operational and exploratory BI.

Benjamin Wootton

Founder & CTO, Ensemble

Build a dashboard without extra steps

TIL— Instead of doing some dbt magic, I can use @RillData to analyze my exported transactions and build an analytics dashboard without any extra steps. Beautiful how Rill visualizes time/number data automatically, playfully, and interactively.

Not possible in other tools

We use Rill pretty much from the start to the finish of each day. These analyses are not possible in other tools we use.

Rahul Patnaik

Senior Campaign Manager, Sabio

Exploratory data analysis

love this so much, kudos to everyone at @RillData for building such a great tool for exploratory data analysis.

I'm live. Took 3 minutes.

I just deployed to Rill cloud backed by Motherduck and it worked great— wonderful experience. In-browser CLI auth with Rill Cloud, added my Motherduck token, invited some viewers, I'm live. Took 3 minutes.

Valuable insights

Rill’s insights allow us to optimize inventory for clients, and to make more inventory valuable, which enables our clients to leverage competitive average CPMS to increase their revenue.

Jim Kerr

SVP Client Success, Triton Digital

Performant dashboards

The amazing performance of column stored data in #duckdb now has an equally beautiful dashboard in Rill Data #dataops

Richard Donovan

CEO goThink

Fast & responsive

90% of our analysts' work is using time series analysis and week over week comparison to find trends. Rill does exactly that, and even though we have Looker with the exact same data, the analysts prefer to do everything in Rill if they can, because it's fast and responsive.

Hammond Guerin

Sr. Director of Analytics, Liftoff

Cut down custom data requests

We’ve been able to cut down custom data requests to engineering significantly - close to 30%.

Svetlana Itkes

Sr. Director of Programmatic Account Management, Emodo

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