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Apache Druid support services

Recently named Cloudera’s preferred partner for Apache Druid customers, Rill is the trusted leader in monitoring, securing, and optimizing Druid clusters with petabytes of data under management.

Rill’s founding team has been running the world’s largest Apache Druid deployments since they originally created it at Metamarkets, and scaled it at Snap.

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24x7 Continuous Monitoring

For continuous monitoring, Rill monitoring service ingests logs directly from Druid’s native logging system and process them to provide:

  • Real-Time Observability powered by Rill’s Metrics Explorer
  • Proactive Alerting via continuous monitoring of JVM GC health, system resources, query SLAs, and ingestion performance
  • Real-Time API for programmatically querying metrics or passing them to downstream monitoring tools

Cluster Health Check & Data Model Optimization

Starting with a comprehensive review at our initial kick-off and continuing on a quarterly basis, the Rill team will conduct a review of cluster health focused on:

  • Performance tunings
  • Version upgrades (including security fixes)
  • Data model optimizations

Business Critical Support

Rill provides support services and technical expertise to maintain the performance, reliability, and security of our customers’ deployed Druid clusters.

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