2023 Product Recap - 6 Big Features

Alex Thor
December 20, 2023

2023 has been a wild year for Rill. Lots of new colleagues, myself included, and of course lots and lots of new features, bug fixes and ideas for the future.

At the end of every year it’s a good time to reflect on what has been and so will we. Looking back on 2023 we have made tremendous improvements into the product, too many to mention in a single blog post, so without further ado here is my top 6 new features of 2023.

Deploy dashboards at scale with Rill Cloud

I would be amiss not to mention Rill Cloud which makes deploying a Rill Developer project to the cloud as easy as pushing to GitHub and executing the CLI command

You can easily share projects and dashboards with colleagues and external partners while keeping your data assets secure. Let us at Rill handle the complexities of serving data at scale, worrying about stability and up-time and you can focus on building data insights that matters.

Role-based access control with security policies

Boring? Yes. Absolutely vital for a production deployment? You bet.

In addition to all-or-nothing user authentication controls for dashboards, we introduced a robust security framework to filter access to data within a dashboard. You can choose to restrict access to data on user attributes such as username, company domain, department or even custom attributes. To get started with security policies you can read more at https://docs.rilldata.com/develop/security

Compare trends across multiple dimension values

Within Rill you have always been able to easily analyze metrics over time that you can filter by dimensional values. However, sometimes it’s needed to be able to compare various dimensional values for a metric over time. Hence we introduced a one-click comparison feature that either allows you to compare time periods against each other or to compare up to 7 dimensional values of any given dimension. We hope this helps you find new insights into your data!

Schedule reports to arrive in your Inbox

We have a love for the boring. First security policies and now scheduled reports? Yes, in the world of data analysis and data tools not everything can be visual, flash and cool. Sometimes it also has to be useful! After a lot of great feedback from our customers we were proud to introduce scheduled reports that allows you to receive automated reports directly in your inbox. Sounds boring? Yes! Super useful? Even more so!

You can get started with scheduled reports today and read more over at https://docs.rilldata.com/share/scheduled-reports

Dive into time with bigger charts, pivot tables, & time zone support

First we introduced comparisons to Rill and later this year we introduced what we call “time dimension detail” that allows you to drill into a metric with an expanded view.  This combines the best of two worlds: 1) comparing and analyzing metrics over time in addition to 2) being able to pivot your data on the time axis visually presented in a table format.  We also expanded our ability to format and display data in any one of 424 IANA time zones, a longstanding customer request.  

Connect to more databases, data lakes, and lakehouses

You asked for more ingestion options and we provided! MotherDuck, BigQuery, Azure Blob Storage, Athena, Postgres, SQLite and more to come!  

Gazing into the future

2023 was a year marked by velocity and 2024 won’t be any slower. We are actively working on pivot tables, alerts and more ways to filter your data. Stay tuned!

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