Introducing Rill Cloud: The Fastest Path from Data Lake to Dashboard

Michael Driscoll
May 31, 2023

Today we’re thrilled to launch Rill Cloud in public beta, a big step towards making our vision of “data lake to dashboard in minutes” a reality for software engineers everywhere.

Now it’s possible to build analytics directly on the data lake — no data warehouse necessary — and launch conversation-fast dashboards that your business users will actually use.

Once you’ve downloaded Rill, you can easily connect to an S3 or GCS bucket, and interactively build SQL-defined dashboards with our lightning-fast, DuckDB-powered development environment. Check your project code into Github and then with a single command — rill deploy — your dashboards are live on Rill Cloud.

Rill Cloud dashboards are:

  • shareable with team members and partners: enable secure access to individuals by email address or whitelisted domains
  • continuously integrated & deployed thanks to our BI-as-code philosophy: our new Github integration enables new commits to be synchronized in seconds
  • always up-to-date with fresh data: our new data lake orchestration service automatically listens and transforms newly arriving data into the data models powering dashboards
  • free for data sets less than 10 GB: if your data is less than 10 GB in size, we'll provide free hosting and management during the beta period

Engineering teams frequently get ad hoc requests from product, finance, and operations for insights into data sets that are readily available in a data lake. Over time, writing complex SQL or Python reports against the data lake can become a burden and a distraction. With Rill, engineering teams can write SQL to design and deploy a small set of data models to answer a broad range of inquiries. Rill’s breakthrough is automatically turning SQL-based data models into interactive, exploratory dashboards with no additional design effort. Engineers can focus on defining expressions for core business metrics in SQL, and Rill takes care of the rest.

Building analytics directly on the data lake reduces complexity, because there are fewer moving pieces to manage, and it also lowers costs, because data can be transformed in place without duplication. Rill achieves performance that end users love by serving dashboards from in-memory data models fed by data lake sources.

In short, Rill helps engineering teams leverage the value of their data lake architectures, delighting business users without requiring multiple investments in separate ETL, data warehouse, and BI tools.

Rill’s public beta is not only an opportunity for early adopters to try Rill Cloud, but also for us to learn how we can serve you better. We would love for you to install Rill, build and deploy your dashboards, chat with other users in our Discord channel, and share your feedback with our product team.  

Get started today and see for yourself how quickly you can get from data to dashboard to delighted teammate. Copy and paste the Rill command below:

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