Podcast Movement 2024

August 19, 2024

Rill is a self-serve analytics dashboard spun out of learnings from Metamarkets and Snap. Advertising leaders like Emodo, LiftOff, Moloco, Beeswax, and tvScientific rely on Rill to combine buy-side and sell-side partner reporting with one fast & easy-to-use dashboard.

Rill's dashboards have helped a global provider to the digital audio and podcast industry

  • Access real-time insights into programmatic data with comparison metrics, multi-dimensional analysis, interactive filtering, and proactive alerts
  • Analyze across as many dimensions as possible about each auction and listener in every exposure such as advertiser domain, device type, platform, and age/demographics
  • Understand how audio contributes to revenue allowing customers to narrow down effective pricing strategies and assess floor options

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Companies at all stages use Rill.