Operationalize your data with Explore

Turnkey data exploration for partners—internal and external

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Stop storing your data. Share it.

Explore is a lightweight, easy-to-deploy, data exploration tool that supports Druid’s low-latency queries on massive real-time data sets. Designed for subject matter experts and business users, ad hoc data explorations are point-and-click—no SQL needed.

Operational data begins depreciating immediately. Capture the full value of your data stack by providing your partners with tools to analyze real-time events and streams.

A decade of features

Acquired from Snap and improved by Rill, Explore has everything you expect from a mature visualization solution

Interactive filter and comparison capabilities

Sharable scheduled reports and smart alerts, configured for maximum actionability

Quick clever bookmarking for saving the most valuable views

Flexible self-serve API with query builders for Python, Java, R, Ruby, and curl

Secure enterprise SSO and security policies

Intuitive investigation

Explore strikes a balance between providing the flexibility required to do ad hoc analysis, while prioritizing an intuitive easy-to-use interface that makes embedded reporting solutions trivial to deploy.

Realize the power of Druid immediately

Enjoy the benefits of Apache Druid’s speed and flexibility “out of the box” without having to build or refactor anything.

Trusted by our customers’ customers

Build trust and engage internal and external partners by embedding Explore in your existing analytics products.

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Real-time data for all

Vungle uses Explore to empower dozens of sales teams across the globe with real-time analytics. Account managers execute thousands of analyses daily that deepen partnerships and drive greater revenue per account—with limited training required.

Easy out

We believe the simplest solution is often the best one, but as a foundational piece of the modern data stack, Rill is dedicated to interoperability. It will always be easy to connect visualization layers like Tableau, Superset, or Looker to Rill.

We're crazy about Druid so you don't have to be.

Explore is built to expose the best parts of Apache Druid, making it easier than ever to leverage Rill’s Druid-as-a-Service offering. For a demo of Explore, or guidance on the only truly elastic fully-managed cloud service for Apache Druid, just ask.