Metamarkets Rebuilt for Radically Simple Dashboards

Introduction to Rill

ICYMI, the Metamarkets solution for interactive ad tech dashboards - that you might be familiar with - has been reimagined into a new solution called Rill. The former Metamarkets tech team founded Rill in 2020, acquired the Metamarkets technology from Snap, and are continuing their mission to build faster, better dashboards that people will actually use.

Watch this on-demand webinar - recorded May 3, 2023, where CEO and Co-founder Michael Driscoll will talk about the journey from Metamarkets to Snap to Rill. He’ll share what’s new in Rill and what’s in store for the future. He will be joined by Hammond Guerin, Sr. Director of Analytics at Liftoff, who will share how his team is benefiting from the Rill platform today.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear about:

  • The latest dashboard improvements in Rill
  • How Liftoff uses Rill to capitalize on ad revenue opportunities
  • Sneak peek into what’s coming later this year

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