Case Study

Real-time Connected TV analytics at Sabio

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Sabio is a Connected TV (CTV) software solution and analytics provider with an industry-leading mobile-first CTV platform informed by behavior from over 300MM mobile devices and 110MM CTV devices, creating truly unique audience segments across 55MM validated CTV and mobile matched households.

With so many connected devices, the Sabio Operations team sifts through high volumes of hourly data to provide insights to their publisher clients. In a given week, Sabio has over 50B auctions and is delivering hundreds of millions of impressions.

The Challenge

Inventory transparency at terabyte scale

As an end-to-end solution, Sabio needs to provide transparency into inventory for advertisers and publishers to make accurate, informed decisions. As data volumes reach terabytes in scale, Sabio required a solution that could scale efficiently while providing flexibility to handle real-time reporting. Sabio needed an easy-to-use data tool with granular analytic capabilities to improve day-to-day campaign and publisher optimization.

Advertiser Value

Improved campaign & customer results

Utilizing Rill, the Ad Ops team drove significant improvements for Sabio and its customers.

In one client example, Sabio identified that weekend dayparts were outperforming weekdays amongst target demographics for specific sites. Sabio was able to suggest reallocating budget to those flights for this awareness campaign—improving Video Completion Rate (VCR) by more than 12%. Other client results include optimized Clickthrough Rate (CTR) and VCR for a large automaker and improved conversion percentage for state lottery campaigns.

Internally, these insights also led to more customer trust and revenue for Sabio. One major customer increased spend 10-15% based on campaign performance utilizing Rill insights. Another major client significantly improved their on-time campaign delivery, increasing their Sabio revenue.

Rill “provides more granularity than other systems. Without Rill, it is difficult to optimize our campaigns. It’s mandatory for every campaign.”

Business Value

More efficient sales teams & less lost revenue

With the capability to analyze all metrics by any set of dimensions, Rill’s dashboards allow more insights to be delivered to clients with less effort. Because Rill provides high granularity, Sabio estimated that analyses and hypotheses can be tested 3–4x faster than with other tools. Analysts can produce target lists for publishers in 30–60 mins versus hours of effort—helping existing customers and bringing specific recommendations to prospects.

Additionally, data from Rill is compared to third-party systems—particularly at detailed levels like app or site level data. Discrepancies between Rill and other systems help identify potential billing issues and confirm the number of impressions served. Using Rill, the Ad Ops team reduced impression delivery discrepancies by 20%.

We use Rill “pretty much from the start to the finish of each day. These analyses are not possible in other tools we use.”

Publisher Value

Reduced fraudulent bidding

With real-time data and easy drill-down analysis, Rill also improves fraud detection for Sabio. By comparing actuals to inventory source data, Sabio can quickly identify potential fraud with performance metrics in real-time, resulting in a 5-10% reduction in fraudulent bidding.

Per Rahul, Rill is unique in its ease-of-use, real-time nature (25-35% less lag than other reporting), and ability to go deep into analyses.

“We depend on Rill for quick responses to our publishers...”

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