Streaming analytics for ecommerce & retail

Build streaming applications easily and maintain them effortlessly.

Fastest path from event stream to dashboard

Now it’s easy to build and maintain streaming analytics applications for ecommerce or retail. Whether you are:


Analyzing customer journeys


Building or assessing loyalty schemes


Setting dynamic pricing


Tracking real-time order shipments

dashboards users will actually use

Design metrics, not dashboards.

In Rill, metrics and dimensions take center stage, not pie charts or graphical widgets. The intuitive interface means everyone can filter, sort, and pivot their way to the answers they need—in seconds.

Unlock the intelligence in your data streams

Built on Apache Druid and designed specifically for streaming data, Rill provides cost-effective sub-second query times for hundreds to thousands of users.

Easy in, easy out for end-to-end metrics

Rill’s cloud service ingests Kafka streams with a quick, easy, and secure integration. Seamlessly connect POS, clickstream, logistics—or any streaming data—to industry-standard business intelligence tools such as Apache Superset, Looker, or your own custom applications.

Or use Rill's metrics explorer to dive right in.

Why Rill?


Our customers often cut their data warehouse bills in half while getting 10-20x performance lifts.

Interactive at any scale

Even best-in-class cloud data warehouses can't keep up with Rill's speed at scale.


SOC2 validated security with governed data access, and SAML / SSO encrypted authentication.

Streaming native

Built to work best on event stream data, there's no faster path from Kafka to KPIs.

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